Make a Difference

SOUTHEASTERN COOPERATIVE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS (SECEP), a regional public-school consortium located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, provides many employment growth opportunities for individuals who want to work for students with special and alternative needs. 

As the premier regional special and alternative education program, SECEP builds pathways for students and staff to learn, work, and play their way to success.

Our Programs are Specialized

SECEP believes in research-based, individualized programs and supports for the children and young people who need them the most. As you look over our programs below, you’ll see that we serve without limits. Our students have dedicated, credentialed, and caring staff in ratios that allow personalized attention to each child.

Our Programs

All programs individualize academic instruction, increase pro-social skills, and build partnerships with students, families, and the communities by providing a safe and nurturing environment for students.

Autism Spectrum Program (ASP)

ASP provides individualized academic and social instruction for students who exhibit characteristics of autism or developmental disabilities with communication, social skill deficits, and challenging behavior.

Educational & Behavioral Interventions for Challenging Students Program (EBICS)

EBICS provides individualized academic, life, and social instruction for students who have an intellectual disability and exhibit challenging behavior.

Re-Education Program (Re-ED)

Re-Ed provides individualized academic and social instruction for students that exhibit severe emotional/behavioral disabilities.

Raising Expectations and Abilities for Children with Complex Health Needs Program (REACH)

REACH provides a high-quality educational program that maximizes potential for students with complex medical needs who are parentally placed in either St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children or Lake Taylor Transitional Hospital.

Tidewater Regional Alternative Educational Program (TRAEP)

TRAEP provides academic instruction to students who have had multiple long-term suspensions or need transitional placement when returning from a state learning center.